about us

    Our company was founded in Damascus in 1978 and our business extended to some Arab countries. Today Fox Advertising and Artistic Production is established in Qatar under NBK group. With our long-standing experience, we achieved the following:
- A production of more than 3,000 T.V advertisements and Cinema Films.
- A production of more than 100 T.V documentaries and films.
- A production of more than 2,000 radio commercials.
- A Executive Production of Television Programs and a T.V series titled
(Al Wahemoun) "Illusionists", shoot in Qatar and Syria and starring Sulaf Fawakhirji, Bassam Kousa and many other Syrian Drama star.


    Our mission is to achieve continuous success for clients who trusted our work which is conducted by a distinguished team work offering creative and innovative ideas and assiduously seeking to strengthen the relationship between the advertiser and the audience. 


    We constantly strive to achieve our goals and extend our services to most Arab countries. 




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